The Benefits of a Truck Bed Liner


Whether you are buying a new truck or looking to protect the truck you already own deciding whether to get a truck bed liner is often a decision truck owners will have to make.  Of course installing a bed liner for your truck is not a must but it definitely will help to protect the bed of your truck from wear and tear as well as damage caused by the numerous weather elements depending on the area and climate you live in. One of the big decisions you will have to make after initially deciding to have a bed liner installed is what kind of liner you will obtain. Check out the different choices of bed liners that are out there to decide which will best suit your budget and needs.

  Types of Truck bed Liners

  • Spray-On: The best and highest quality bed liners out there.  These types of liners are made from different materials and substances depending on the type you choose to go with.  The liner itself is actually sprayed onto the bed of the truck creating an airtight seal. This allows for NO water, dirt or other debris to get in between the liner and the truck bed creating a protective shield. It also helps to protect against weather elements and other matter that can cause corrosion, rust abrasion and other types of damage.
  • Drop-In: These types of liners are made out of form fitted plastic sheets and are placed or “dropped” into the bed of your truck. They are than secured in place by bolting them down. While these types of liners have a lower cost than spray on liners they also do not offer as much protection. In fact gaps that are left can allow for dirt and other substances to get in between the liner and the truck bed.  Bolts can also loosen over time which can leave your liner loose and rattling around or shifting position.
  • Carpet, Wood, Rubber: these alternative materials can also be adhered to the bed of your truck to act as a makeshift bed liner. Carpet and rubber create a semi-protective surface but are not the best choice of materials for long term use.  Wood can also be a type of homemade bed liner but will rot over time especially in such weather elements as rain and snow.

While we suggest opting for a spray-on bedliner, because of the quality of materials used, long lasting effects and for the overall best maintenance of your truck the choice is up to you. We do suggest checking out your different options, pricing and materials that will be used before making any big decisions.