Applying a Spray-On Bedliner

Thanks to the modern manufacturing of polymers and easy application with spray cans spray in bed liners have become the new modification to do in modern trucks. While most just coat the bed of the truck it could be appleid to the whole truck if you really wanted to. Most if not all of these spray on bed liners are made with a mix of polyurethane and polyurea. Made in mostly black although they can make almost any color your want. They are used for mainly 2 purposes. First is that they protect the truck against all of the stuff you will throw in there that would’ve dented in a truck without a bed liner. This includes preventing rust and other chemical damage that might happen with exposure to water and other chemicals such as acids that react vigorously with steel. The other purpose is that it creates a surface that  has a high amount of friction to prevent any of the valuable things in your truck from slipping and getting crushed in the bed or even flying out of the truck onto the road, creating a road hazard. Now that you know the benefits of these bed liners the steps to apply a bed liner are easy but very important to ensure a long lasting finish that doesn’t bubble, crack, or peel.

How Bedliners Are Applied

Step 1. Preparation

This is the most important step but is still the most overlooked step. In order to ensure a long lasting spray it is best to prepare the bare metal of your truck bed by scuffing it with 80 grit sandpaper in order to ensure a strong attachment to the bed. Then, take off the tailgate of your truck and tape any surfaces that you don’t want to get sprayed, such as latches and drain holes. Finally, before spraying clean all surfaces with a strong chemical cleaner such as acetone to ensure that there is a uniform surface for the bed liner to stick to.

Step 2. Applying

Before the inital spray make sure you shake the spray can to mix all of the liquid polymers to again make sure it will stick evenly. For the application to be even and professional ensure that you keep an even distance spraying all surfaces and don’t overspray any areas. Make sure you get the crevasses of your truck bed first and then spray the sides. And finally finish off by spraying the bed and inside of the tailgate. Wait for it to dry for 1-4 hours and then finish it off with a second coat applied just as before.

Step 3. Dry

Finally, remove the tape and let the coat dry for up to a day preferably indoors to make sure that coat will last. After it has completely dried you are ready to put that bed liner to a lifetimes worth of use and abuse.

It may seem like a simple job to apply a spary-on bedliner yourself after reading this step by step guide, however, for top quality and professional work it is always best to consult a certified professional. Especially when using chemicals such as those found in bedliner material, you want to make sure that they are handled correctly and that as little as possible is inhaled during the bedliner installation process.