Coating Your Entire Truck In Spray-On Bedliner

We have discussed previously why adding a Bedliner to your truck is such a great idea. From overall vehicle enhancement to superior bed protection, bed liners are one of the most sought after truck enhancement & protection services around. That being said, what if you decide to add a spray-on Bedliner to your entire truck? Is having your entire truck sprayed in a Bedliner really a thing? And do people actually do it?

Truck Bedliners As Automotive Enhancement & Protection

Although spraying your entire truck with a Bedliner is somewhat of a new trend, it does seem to be picking up popularity among truck drivers. And it really is a thing! Many truck owners who are looking to enhance their truck’s protection, while also going for a more rugged look, tend to have a Bedliner sprayed on their entire truck. In fact, golf carts, tractors, ATV’s and many other off-roading vehicles are benefiting from an all-over Bedliner. While it doesn’t come cheap, we are talking anywhere between $1500-$5,000 depending on the services utilized, if done by a reputable & experienced company, it should last a lifetime. Although this is a lot more expensive than the average $450-$550 that is charged for bed liners sprayed in the actual bed of the truck, it actually is a pretty sound investment. After all, you will never have to wash or wax your vehicle again!

Many off-roaders especially are looking to have their vehicles sprayed with all over Bedliner because they never have to worry about their paint getting scratched or how dirty their vehicle is after a good run. The Bedliner coating utilized when sprayed on the entire truck is about 1/16th of an inch thicker than your average paint job. Construction pick-ups also do really well with an all-over Bedliner coating. Vehicle maintenance becomes much easier with no more money or time wasted on car washes. 

Bedliner Material For Other Surfaces

While the all-over Bedliner trend seems to be most popular among truck drivers it has slowly begun to find its way to other vehicle surfaces too. Think door panels, dashboards, and even engine parts. For those of you who want something completely different, an all-over Bedliner just might be something worth your while to look into!