Achieving The Ultimate Vehicle Protection

Bedliners are a great way to protect your truck from all of the dings, scratches, knicks, and damage that is associated with every day wear & tear, hauling different materials and weather-related elements. Bedliners offer permanent protection and if high-quality materials are used and they are professionally installed there is no reason why they shouldn’t last. That being said, what is the best type of permanent protection for your entire vehicle? Many of those looking to have a bed liner installed are also interested in different paint protection options like ceramic coatings or paint protection film for their vehicles. Out of the two which offers the best protection and what happens if you combine the two and use them together!?

201 Wrap a professional vinyl wrap & ceramic coating service based out of Jacksonville, Florida gave us the low down on both ceramic coatings and paint protection film or PPF. They even suggest utilizing both together to create the ultimate protective shield for your vehicle. And the great thing about ceramic coatings is that they can even be applied to your wheels!! Wait, wait, wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves here, read on to find out everything you need to know on ceramic coatings & how combining them with a paint protection film offers the best protection available.

Ceramic Coatings Offer Ultimate Protection

Ceramic coatings are created using nano-technology which works to bond liquid polymers to the surface of your vehicles without harming the existing paint job. Because of its 9H properties ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro, adhere to your vehicle’s surface creating a glass-like shield that also has self-healing capabilities making dings, scratches, rock chips, and other imperfections disappear before they are actually even seen! You will never have to wax your vehicle again and washing and maintenance have never been so easy! The benefits don’t stop there however, they also include:

  • UV Protection
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Anti-graffiti Properties
  • 3-5 X Stronger than factory Clear Coat
  • Helps Hold Vehicle Value
  • Hydrophobic (Water Repellant)
  • Cost-Effective

Paint protection films are comparable to ceramic coatings in some aspects but the two differ in terms of the type and amount of protection you are in need of. It is highly suggested that you schedule an initial consult with a ceramic coating or PPF professional near you, like the guys at 201Wrap. It will also help to give you an idea if any additional paint correction or bodywork needs to be done to your vehicle before a ceramic coating or PPF can be installed.