How to Properly Maintain a Spray on Bedliner

No matter if you installed it yourself or had it installed professionally, your bed liner can be the only thing protecting you from anything you load in your truck. And if you treat your truck like a truck then it can accumulate a lot of damage. But if you take a little time to maintain your bed liner then your bed liner will serve you well for many years. Here are some simple things to avoid and simple things you can do to protect it.

Things to Avoid 

  • Don’t drag items across the bed liner. It could lead to minor scratching to poking through the whole bed liner and leaving you with a serious repair
  • If you transport any chemicals try and have them not fall onto the bed liner as this can cause discoloration and even dissolve the bed liner
  • Never apply wax or Armor All to your bed liner. This will discolor it 
  • Don’t use your bed liner 24 hours after it has been sprayed on

Now that you know things to avoid, here are some proactive things you can do to protect your bed liner 

Things to Do

  • Especially if you’re carrying heavy cargo, you can use old mats to protect your bed liner so that it doesn’t scratch. They are super cheap and really durable 
  • Once you notice any chipping or deterioration, then repair it as soon as possible. This is especially easy if you have a spray-on bed liner
  • Make sure you apply your bed liner correctly
  • Rinse off any spills as fast as possible to prevent it from staining the bed liner. Dirt can become embedded if not clean the day after and paint or other chemicals can immediately stain or damage the bed liner
  • When you go to wash it, you can use a car wash. If you use a pressure washer, use a fan spray under 1000 psi to get all the debris our
  • Getting a truck bed cover can be a great way to protect your bed liner from the sun’s UV rays

Bed liners, whether spray-on or drop-in, are meant to last a long time and are meant to be used and abused. But just like any product, it has limits. Thankfully, simple maintenance can make sure that it not only lasts a long time but also looks good as well.